Amazing Properties for Sale in Pedreguer - Move to the city of your dreams

The history of this city and the magnificent location make it an irresistible place to live a dream life. Located in one of Spain´s most beautiful regions, it can offer everything to you and the people you love. Read on and find out why you need the perfect villa in this unique, magical Spanish town.

Amazing architecture

Starting out as a Muslim city and then being conquered and inhabited by western religion and civilization really shaped the city´s architecture. The mixed origins and the way that the buildings can tell the story will grant you a sense of awe every time you look around. From the town hall to the astonishing building of the Policía Municipal, this little gem hidden in the Spanish coast has it all.

Muntanya Gran

Pedreguer is close to Jalon Valley which is a great pro for those who love outdoor activities. Even more significant is its location close to Muntanya Gran and its trekking paths, scenery, astonishing views and varied vegetation. You and your family can enjoy a day out in Muntanya Gran since there are easy, intermediate and advanced treks to do. Put on some comfortable shoes, load in some snacks and leave your villa on a sunny Sunday morning with the entire family to spend a wonderful day in nature minutes away from home. The properties for sale in the region offer a piece of heaven to settle in and make a new life from a peaceful, beautiful place.


If you are thinking about relocating, check out the apartments, villas and other properties in Pedreguer. Be a pioneer in discovering the wonders of this hidden gem in the middle of the most beautiful Spanish coast. If there is a place on Earth to fulfill your dreams, that is Pedreguer, move to your dream home today.
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