Buying A House In Costa Blanca- That's Awesome! These Are The Types You'll Find

Moving to paradise or even owning a second house in one of the most beautiful places on Earth can change your life. Buying your property at this time of uncertainty and lower prices is the best idea. Do you know what kind of house you will find when you get there? Don't worry; we did the hard work for you. Read on, pick well, and live a happy life next to the Mediterranean Sea.

The Types

Depending on your family size and the people that will go with you on this new adventure, you'll be more comfortable in one property type or another. Let's take a close look at each so you can make an informed decision.


From a single-room flat to a luxurious maisonette, Costa Blanca can offer you all the options in between. It is great if you can get one as a part of a community, you can enjoy the company of fellow neighbours and some shared facilities. For a single person, a couple, or a small family, this can be the best option. Also, if it's your second house, you can easily rent it off-season while back at home.


Luxury detached houses are also referred to as villas and are a synonym of joy and laid-back tranquility. On the one hand, you have more privacy, but on the other, you have to cover all expenses yourself. That being said, having your own villa in paradise to go with a big family or friends is a very good definition for the word happiness

Residential Housing Estate

When buying a place to live or have fun in Costa Blanca, property inside a residential housing estate is a great option. Inside these compounds, you can find different kinds of housing types, including flats and villas. They are great for all budgets and for meeting future friends because of all the common areas available. If you want to socialise and meet like-minded people, this is the best option for you.

Country Properties

Spain and Costa Blanca are not only about big cities and tourist attractions, but there is also a breathtaking countryside. There, you'll find big, spacious, old properties, which are a golden opportunity to live the true Spanish heritage. On the good side, they are usually cheaper than city options, but you will have to make an investment to modernise it in most cases. This is particularly great for families with small children who can enjoy outdoor freedom and have endless fun.


Opposite to what most people call bungalow everywhere else in the world (especially the UK), Spanish ones are a flat in a building with usually no more than two floors. This flat features a veranda, adjacent land, a flat roof, and is usually made of wood. If this in-between suits you, you'll save money comparing it to a villa and have similar benefits.

Cave House

For those with a big budget and a special palate for exclusive flavours, you have to check out cave houses in Costa Blanca. They are houses made inside a rocky formation that involve it as part of the structure. Usually, they are huge buildings with several bedrooms that can be a dream for a big family. If you can give up on some natural light to live inside an uncanny property, then this might be for you.


Regardless of the type of residency you choose, Costa Blanca can offer a plethora of choices for you. Buy your house in paradise today, and enjoy a lifetime of happiness.

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