Great Things To Do Around La Sella

La Sella is part of Costa Blanca, Spain´s most beautiful beach landscape. This magic place hides some aces up the sleeve that make it an even better place to spend the happiest days of your life. We will go through the most important activities and places. Bear in mind that they are just a premium selection out of a virtually endless list. Read on and learn why La Sella is the most beautiful to move into the beautiful south of Spain.

Jardin de L´Albarda

Jardin de L´Albarda

This sustainable-gardening marvel is built over 50,000 square meters of land in the municipality of Pedreguer. It was designed to be home for most native species of the region. Besides seeing some amazing colours, flowers, and trees, you can enjoy the view of some really nice renaissance architecture. There are also many pieces that resemble the influence of the Arabic culture in the region. It is possible to go as a visitor and also to attend specialized talks, courses on biodiversity and sustainability, concerts, celebrations and much more. When in La Sella, visiting this garden is a definite must.

Kayak & snorkelling

Kayak & snorkelling

If there is one thing you can do in Denia, Javea and in general around La Sella is to enjoy the outdoors and the water sports. If you like the deep blue of the Mediterranean Sea and want to go deeper into the crystal-clear water and get to know the caves, stones and overall marine geography of the region, you need a kayak. Jumping from your kayak into the water and doing snorkelling surrounded by a shoal of colourful fish is one of a kind experience. Let the effort of your own arms bring you closer to nature than you´ve ever been.

Mountain bike La Sella

Mountain bike

Very close to the ocean and therefore with a fantastic view, this region is perfect for  "); background-size: 1px 1px; background-position: 0px calc(1em + 1px); background-repeat: repeat no-repeat;">mountain biking and also bike racing. Overlooking a cliff and experiencing a sunset from the peaceful, winding and perfectly flat road, is exactly what you need to enjoy this amazing sport even more. The big difference between mountain biking and bike racing is the surface and speed. If you love being immersed in nature, then a mountain bike is perfect. If you are more of a contemplative soul, then bike racing is exactly what you need.

Boat ride La Sella

Boat ride

Riding a boat to get closer to the Cova Tallada, doing some snorkelling and returning on board to have some drinks and snacks is exactly what this kind of tour has to offer. The calmness of being just floating in this deep blue ocean enjoying a drink next to a centuries-old cave is compared to a few other things in the world. Yes, when you move to La Sella you can do it on a weekly basis and with the whole family.

Segway adventures

Have you ever been to a Segway? What about learning how to drive one with a monitor while on an ancient castle, a beautiful harbor or even an ancient stone-road Spanish pueblo? Well, this can all happen while you enjoy some magic years in this beautiful classic Spanish place. Relive the huge medieval legacy in Spain riding on the future with your rented Segway.


There are many ways to spend quality time with the ones you love the most and in  "); background-size: 1px 1px; background-position: 0px calc(1em + 1px); background-repeat: repeat no-repeat;">La Sella, Spain they are all marvellous. People are starting to notice this and the best luxury properties are selling a lot. Maybe it is time you start living the life you dream of moving to this perfect spot that has so much to offer. Happiness is something we chase all our lives; choosing a luxury property in La Sella can be the change you´ve been looking for to find yours.


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