Hired Home Insurance In Costa Blanca - Read This!

If you´ve been in front of the insurance policy, you know we talk about pages of info. Moreover, lawyers always write using very specific jargon, making matters more complicated. As a result, we end up neglecting some great additional services we get for paying insurance every month. We put together this post so you can squeeze every penny out of your insurance policy while in Costa Blanca.

More than meets the eye

Being honest, nobody reads all the pages on the insurance policy. The following services might change from one company to the next, but be sure you´ll find at least a couple in yours. Read on and demand the company to honor the small letter.

No kitchen, no laundry

What if you are left with an unusable kitchen or laundry machine? Your company might be obliged to cover the costs of restaurant meals and the laundry mat for you.

No power, no fridge

If there's no power and you have a full fridge, your company might take care of it. You need to hold the ticket as proof of purchase and show it to them (even if it´s just a photo).

Computer data recovery

If the loss of data from hard drives is due to human error, the company providing insurance might cover it.


A handyman can help you cover DIY chores at home like, fixing a leaking tap or hanging a painting. Most companies allow this once a year for some hours.


If you have legal problems with a neighbor in the house you hired insurance for, you can ask them for free help.

Pest control

You can say goodbye to pests and cockroaches because your insurance policy might cover that for you.

Robbing to others

If a robbery happens in your house and other people than yourself suffer from it, insurance could cover them too.

Moving, storage & hotels

If you had to move even temporarily because your house was severely damaged, the insurance might pay for it. Yes, including the hotel nights.


Reading the entire insurance policy when hiring the service is a definite must; you might find they can help you more than you thought. Make your stay in paradise even more beautiful, hiring the tranquility of home insurance.

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