Living The Dream; Properties For Sale In La Sella

La Sella is not just a golf course, it is the entry gate to paradise. The amazing landscape of Costa Blanca blends in with the state of the art architecture and offers a one-of-a-kind place on Earth. Get yourself a luxury spot in the gardens of Eden and watch the Mediterranean Sea on a daily basis while you practice your shots.

Surrounded by nature, in the heart of civilization

Properties for sale in La Sella are in the perfect spot to admire the natural wonders of the region effortlessly. You have a pier to be in the islands (Mallorca and Ibiza) in five hours, an international airport at less than 100km and sandy beaches that meet steep cliffs just nearby. You can go play your 18 holes and enjoy the wonders of the five-star spa at the Marriot at a stone-throw distance. Also, get lost roaming around the picturesque pueblos, stop to have a glass of red wine with some tapas and continue travelling through time and space to Spain´s golden years.

Properties for sale in La Sella are the best located in the region and can guarantee years of amazing time with your loved ones. There is no better place on Earth today to practice your golfing moves than La Sella in Costa Blanca

A heavenly place

It is not only about where it is located, but also about the place itself. The air you breathe, when mixed inside a community, is going to set the course of events once you are a part of it. Communities can enhance your stay in paradise just as much as the bluest blue of the Mediterranean Sea.

Along with the money invested by the government to protect, maintain and beautify the surroundings, La Sella has state of the art facilities maintained to the detail at its most perfect state. In fact, taking a walk to the wonderful spa at the Marriott hotel is just as much of a delight as the destination is. Picture it for a moment: the sun shining bright and you are going to a full day of relaxation to one of the world´s most prestigious spas. Once you come out, you get to walk through paradise to meet friends for drinks at the golf course to watch yet another magic sunset in heaven.

Finally, the security level of the facilities is very important. No neighbour lives in their house in fear, because the top-notch service is alert 24/7. Watching the stars at night and roam around freely through the stony roads of the little pueblos should be every day, any time event. Here, thanks to those watching after you, that chimaera of absolute safety is a reality.


La Sella is a portion of the Earth that attracts people because of the beauty and the magnificent history. People go for those reasons but stay because they´ve fallen in love. The community waiting for you to join will receive you with its arms completely open. These people will get into your heart and change you forever into a better version of you.

Places like Javea and Denia are beginning to draw people´s attention because the life quality is sky-high and the prices are still moderate. As the buzz goes up, more people are going to move in and prices will go up, so the time to buy properties for sale in La Sella is right now, before it´s too late. Move today to the life you´ve always dreamt of and let the soft murmur of the Mediterranean Sea be the soundtrack of the best years of your life.

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