Magic Of Jalón Valley: The Best Place To Create Fond Memories

Spain offers a wide range of places where you can relax and enjoy yourself. A particular location that has been captivating ordinary tourists and travelers for decades is Jalón Valley. Complemented by beautiful scenery and magnificent places to visit, you are sure to have a great time here.

The Jalón Valley is made into an exciting tourism destination by a variety of factors. Let's talk about what you can see in the Valley that will make it worth a visit.

History And Culture Of Jalón Valley

Jalón is well known for the quality of its wine and it is part of the place's history, with several bodegas producing a delicious Moscatel as well as some excellent full-bodied red wines. A trip to one of the bodegas is a must for those who wish to sample the local wines and get a chance to mix the local culture.

As early as 1472, the Moors in Jalón sent wines to Valencia's court. These wines have long been the economic foundation of the region of Valencia. Jalón's wines belong to the 'denomination of origin' of Alicante.

What Can I Do For Fun And Leisure In Jalón Valley?

Making a plan is always a good idea, so you can enjoy every aspect of your trip and check every place you visit off your list. The Jalón Valley offers a lot of attractions, as well as various activities for you to enjoy.

Let us go over some of the major ones that tourists mostly like to do when they spend their holidays in Jalón Valley.


All through the year, many fiestas are celebrated to honor different saints.

The first fiesta you will see occurs in summertime, and that is the fiesta of Romero (last Saturday in April).

In the month of July, we bid the summer goodbye with the fiesta of the Moors and Christians (last Sunday in July).

During the same timeframe, there will be another fiesta that you will enjoy. In case you missed the previous fiesta, or want to enjoy another one soon, this is a perfect time to check out the fiestas of Santo Domingo (the 4th of August).

Last but not least, there is the Fiesta de la Virgin Pobre (the third Monday in October).

Guided Trips & Wine Tasting

Do you know what makes a tour even more enjoyable? Some good wine and here in Jalón valley, you can actually go on guided wine tasting tours. Not only that, but you also get to visit bodegas, savor the taste of tapas and you get a free gift at the end of each tour.

The wines that you will be tasting have likely won awards for their flavor and creation. So savor every drop and bask in the wonderful sun of Spain.

Even if the finest of wines seem a little out of budget for you, there are cheaper alternatives to choose from that will not ruin your precious holiday trip to Jalón Valley.

Come in with a trolley if you are planning to settle down here, and you can get whatever you need to make the most memorable family barbecues and meals.


Soak up the sun, stretch out your muscles and have a great time golfing with your mates, family, and partner when you visit Jalón Valley.

Numerous golf courses and suites are located within an hour's drive from the main residential and hotel locations in Jalón.

Shopping And Market Places In Jalón Valley

Take a walk in the Jalón Valley, and you will see streets lighted up with handicraft stores, restaurants, wine cellars, pubs, and more. You get to enjoy the local culture and have a real taste of the tradition and cuisine along with fantastic shopping trips.

On Saturdays, the Rastro of Jalón takes place by the river. Among the many things available here are antiques. And, on Tuesdays, the main square holds an open produce market.

Jalón Valley Cuisine

The Jalón valley is well-known for its sweets, pastries, sausages, and wines. The cuisine of the Valley is famous all throughout Spain.

Do not miss the opportunity to taste the pastissets, mantecados, carquinyols, Moscatel, and Mistela wines. Morcilla, Bufas, and their famous bollos, which are sweet pastries made with green peas.

By hiring a taxi, you can arrive at your lodgings in the Valley. Communal transport means such as trains, taxis, and car drives make it easy to reach the location. Choosing Jalón Valley as your next destination will not disappoint you.

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