Oliva, A Miracle Land At The Heart Of Costa Blanca

You think you´ve heard it all about Costa Blanca. You´ve read the brochures about Denia, Javea, Calpe, and such, but few know about the miracle spa in it. The waters inside this swamp area are said to be miraculous curing diseases and restoring energy. Read on and find out where you definitely have to go next spring to have an amazing year.

Welcome to the Parque Natural Marjal Pego-Oliva

Stretching for over 1,250 hectares among the cities of Pego and Oliva in Valencia, this natural park is a wonder on its own. It receives natural, sweet water from the rivers Racont and Bullent making its fauna and flora huge and very diverse. The area used to be a salty lagoon in prehistoric times and is now a big swamp area that keeps the area lush and green. Animals and plants live in a perfect environment to grow and blossom and are in its best possible shape.

A perfect spring place that has it all

Inside the Marjal Pego-Oliva Natural Park, you can do many activities. There are many small streams of water for those who love fishing (for which you need a permit). You can also go for extensive walks appreciating the nature around you. The facilities you´ll find will provide you with everything you need. The restaurant doesn´t offer a menu but fresh food coming straight from the grill every day. You can spend the entire day or an entire week or even a month, that is up to you; you´ll never get bored of paradise.

The Spa

While all of the above is amazing in its own right, this is the main aim of the whole region. Hidden in the heart of the National Park, the fountain of Font Salá offers uncanny relaxation. It stays within 25 degrees of temperature all year long and locals say it has healing powers. According to science, the sulfur waters inside the fountain might have healing properties on humans. Because of this reason (and the natural beauty) most people in the region do the pilgrimage to get there by springtime. Locals believe, for the benefits to be at their best, you have to dry in the sun after going in. Locals as well as returning tourists swear by that water and bathe in it year after year.

The legend of the miracle

According to the legend, a very sick donkey with an incurable disease got better with fountain water. Its owner took it there as the last resource and the miracle waters healed it 100 years ago.

The lands of the Font Salá weren´t always open to the public. In fact, the font used to be covered in water plants. It belonged to a village woman who left in her will that the fountain should be enjoyed by the entire city of Oliva. After passing away, the government executed her will and cleaned the fountain to look close to what it is today.


The skies in spring in this region of Spain are almost constantly blue and the warm breeze will caress your skin softly. Whether the legend is true or not, it is a matter of believing; jumping into the fountain is a miraculous experience nonetheless. Enjoying the best of the Costa Blanca is being a connoisseur and visiting places only locals know about. There are many hidden wonders in this privileged region of Spain that will put a smile upon your face. Be bold, make the trip to Oliva, and find out for yourself if the sulfur waters restore your energy for an entire year.

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