This Old Fishing Village Turned Into Paradise! Fall In Love With Javea

Javea was once a quiet Spanish pueblo that served as home for fishermen and their families. Time went by and people started noticing the natural wonders of this place and moving in. This is your time to search for a property for sale in Javea and move to paradise. Read all about Costa Blanca´s best-kept secret and move to the life you want today.

The history of a great nation

Early in the morning, the sun rises bright and powerful. It shines through the little stone roads of a hidden Spanish pueblo in the wonderful Costa Blanca. Fishermen hurry to the market to sell their fish while the world slowly yawns and the day starts. This might seem as utopic or part of a brilliant past but it is 2020 in the beautiful Javea.

Spain was one of the most important civilizations of the middle age and as such it still has old churches and forts. You can take a walk around and stop at The Fort to marvel with the cannonball holes from pirate attacks. Yes, they have been there since the 14thcentury and are a piece of ancient history a walk away from home.

Head on to the marina, the port, or the fish market to get a glimpse at the fresh food you´re about to eat. Javea is the epicenter of some of the best seafood dishes across the entire nation. The best of it all? It is still being fished and sold immediately today as it was when those cannonballs hit the wall.

A hidden bay

The coastline of Javea is 3 kilometers long including sandy and pebble beaches. This area is surrounded by beautiful walking spaces filled with restaurants and shops. Going there is a lot of fun at any time of the day. You can do shopping or eat at your favorite restaurant while the marvelous Mediterranean Sea whispers how lucky you are at your ear.

The magic, though, that will mesmerize your senses is at Playa de la Granadella. This beautiful bay is one of the most beautiful spots on the entire coastline of Spain. Turquoise water gives way to profound blue in what seems to be a painting rather than a reality. The best thing? You can literally walk there on a daily basis once you move in.

The cave and the mountain

As if the bay itself was not enough with the splendor of its colors, it is also next to mount Montgó. This natural wonder rises 753 meters above sea level and overlooks everything that goes on around you. It was there to watch the pirates shoot and will welcome you to hike or bike all the way to the top as well.

When Muslims decided to build their castles they took rocks from nearby formations. This gave birth to a 400-meters-long sea cave that will haunt your senses. You can literally walk inside with a torch and marvel at the abstract art that the rocks and the sea prepared for you.


Javea is very well-known among Spanish people because of its beauty. This word of mouth is starting to spread beyond Spanish borders and people are starting to notice how good prices are. In fact, this gem in the Costa Blanca offers some great options to move to a new life and start again from scratch in paradise. Also, property for sale in Javea can make for the perfect getaway whenever things get too stressful at home.

Whichever the use you want to give it, this magnificent place on Earth offers you a better life. Dare to make a bold move and chase your dreams in paradise starting today.

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