Wine, Dine And Enjoy A Slice Of Life At Jesus Pobre

Jesús Pobre which means ‘Poor Jesus’ is located in the Valencian municipality of Denia in a smaller local entity. It is a traditional Spanish village that is filled with modern-day facilities. What is great is that it is also situated between two coastal towns that go by the name Denia and Javea. Filled with narrow streets, don’t let this tiny village fool you.

This village is filled with traditional townhouses and contemporary constructions too. This beautiful place is hidden away in the gorgeous woodlands and the flat valley. This further spreads towards the beautiful sea. Currently, Jesús Pobre has about 800 citizens.

How Do I Get There?

You can easily get to Jesús Pobre from Valencia or the Alicante airport by following the Motorway AP7 exit at the Junction of 62. Once you reach the toll booth, all you need to do is take the first right and further on follow the signs that will make you reach Javea CV734. Finally, at the roundabout, you must turn left towards Jesús Pobre. This journey will take you about an hour or so.

What To Do In Jesús Pobre?

There are some fun activities and fiestas that are always going on in Jesús Pobre. The markets are worth visiting as well! You will find assorted furniture, ceramics, lamps, sewing machines, table clocks, Antique beds and so much more! If you are in Jesús Pobre, you must take the time to experience the following:

The Fiestas

Every year Jesús Pobre has beautiful fiestas to celebrate some of their traditions and stories. These include the arrival of the three kings, the fiesta of Santo Antonio Abbot, the wine festival. And, of course, the primary and most important festival that lasts for 10 days.

All these fiestas are absolute fun and contain several programs to enjoy from such as music, performances, food and so much more! It is the drinks and the food that are the most crucial part of Jesús Pobre.

This is because the place is filled with dozens of restaurants and bars that would be heaven to your tastebuds. You will get to choose from a huge variety of dishes and enjoy the most important of all "The Paella”.

Mercat Del Riurau

This beautiful initiative came into existence back in July 2013 which was promoted by the Association of Neighbours of Jesús Pobre. The whole idea behind it was to make full use of a restored traditional space within which bakers, garners, vine-growers, and farmers would offer the organic and first-hand product of their hard work.

The Jesús Pobre Riurau is always full of stalls that sell Pstissets and vegetables from the Marina, local artisans, and traditional desserts.

Connecting With Nature

Jesús Pobre is filled with beautiful woodlands that surround it. Several trek trips can be made to Montgo Mountain. The view from this mountain on a clear day is said to be one of the most beautiful things to witness. This is an experience that must be indulged in.

The Brocanters And Collectors Fair

Organized by the Association of Brocanters and Collectors of the Marina Alta along with the City Council of Jesús Pobre, this market is home to all kinds of furniture, paintings, sculptures, coins, Records, vintage items, and a lot more!

What will awe you is how economic the prices are here in these markets compared to a proper auction.

All in all Jesús Pobre is a place you must visit if you have the love of art and want to be thrown back in time to experience the history of this little town. Visiting will surely make you not only connect with the world but also with yourself.

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