Els Poblets - El Verger


Els Poblets - El Verger

Properties for sale in Els Poblets - El Verger

Els Poblets and El Verger are a few kilometers north of Ondara and Denia, and only a few hundred meters from the stunning sandy beach stretching 24 km. north from Denia. The whole area is flat and therefore very suitable for cycling and hiking, and is equally suitable for active younger people who want to cycle to the beach or into the city, as for the elderly and the disabled. The properties in this area are beautiful smaller detached houses, townhouses and apartments, but are dominated by detached houses on land less than that found in Denia or La Sella. The prices are then also lower here although the location near the sea should indicate otherwise. To the left we have entered a picture that is quite typical of properties in this area.

Prices vary depending on size, standard and location, but from 200,000 euros upwards for a decent villa, often with well-built garden and private pool. The depicted property with three bedrooms, 453 m2 garden and private pool, has a price tag of 255,000 euros.

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