La Sella Golf Resort

La Sella Golf Resort might be the perfect spot in Spain´s hottest region right now. Let´s take a small trip to the past. The year is 1986 and it sounds crazy to put together a golf course in paradise. Golf wasn´t then the sport it is now but visionaries have that particular skill: seeing beyond. After a little over 30 years, it became one of the highest notes in the region. Some lucky people can still become an owner in this magic spot. Spoiler alert? The time to make the move is right now. Let´s take a look at the reasons why you should get a property at La Sell before it´s too late.
La Sella Golf Resort IS CONNECTED
The definition of paradise changed in time. We used to close our eyes and envision the white sands and turquoise ocean with nobody in sight. Well, in the 21stcentury a paradise not easily linked with the real world is not really a paradise. La Sella is very well connected. To begin with, access is very simple since there are international airports and port cities close by. Also, driving your way through some of Spain´s most exquisite regions is a definite plus. You can get to your final destination and get a taste of Spain´s true seaside heritage on your way there. We´ll get to talking about more of the surrounding cities in a little bit.
Second, La Sella offers all the infrastructure you might need for a happy life. Some basic needs shops like pharmacies and supermarkets are abundant and of good quality. Also, riding schools, a tennis club, and a state-of-the-art restaurant are at hand to spend hours having fun. Finally, the icing on the cake is golf. La Sella Golf Resort offers three distinct courses that will have you practicing your best shots with amazing views every day.

Finally, the infrastructure of La Sella is all you ever dreamt of. Imagine large wide streets perfectly illuminated. You can just roam around at any time of the day and night fearlessly; a state-of-the-art security service will look after you. Your neighbors and you can enjoy the green areas with large plots of land to build your dreams from the ground up.
Close-by natural wonders and man-made attractions.

La Sella is located in an unbeatable spot. The magic natural wonders add up to the man-made attractions to create a unique space. On one hand, nature will amaze you with an uncanny view of the Mediterranean Sea. There is no other blue that is as blue as that. The depth has a soothing effect on humans and the result is a spell that will clear your mind from problems. In the same vein, being able to see Mount Montgó in its entire splendor from your house´s window is nothing short of spectacular. Finally, the beautiful protected natural reserve on the valley (where it is forbidden to build) gives it an extra touch. When you put your eyes over lush, green, beautiful nature, it changes your mood. There is something about the green of the leaves full of life and the deep blue of the ocean that is just haunting.

On the other hand, La Sella´s next-door neighbor is no other than the Denia Marriott Hotel. This beautiful building features 187 rooms and a just-renovated international 27-hole golf course. It is located inside the natural park. Every Sunday you have direct access to the picturesque Jesus Pobre and its usual market. In fact, the Mercat del Riurau is less than 3km away, 4 minutes by car from La Sella Golf.

The towns and cities surrounding it are definitely man-made wonders rather than attractions. Getting lost in the nearby Spanish pueblos might become your favorite weekend activity.
Some of the main attractions are:

Denia– Is one of the favorites of most residents. It is an old town only 7,5km away that outlives the season so you can visit it all year long. It is home to some of the best gourmet restaurants in the region for a truly traditional Spanish adventure. While you are there, check Quique Dacosta´s Michelin Star Restaurant, it will marvel your palate.

Jávea– This magic town lives in the shelter between rocky headlands. This allows beaches at Jávea to be a wind-free paradise. This small seaside town is perfect for resorts and markets and is only 7km away.

Moraira, Pedreguer & Gandía– These three little pueblos will assault your senses and embark you on a trip through time and space. You can buy wickerwork baskets, check the 14thcentury Los Borja Ducal Palace and go to the Archaeological Museum of Gandía. Also, you can get lost amid the stony roads and fall in love with old constructions as well. They are all close enough to be a fun weekend getaway with the family.

Benidorm– In case you missed skyscrapers, lively nightlife, and plenty of restaurant options, you can drive 50km to Benidorm. Besides the majestic city and beaches, you have the great Terra Mítica amusement park; ideal as a family activity. In winter, it is also a great night out close to home.

Alicante & Valencia– With 250,000 and 1,300,000 people respectively, they are the heart of the region. You can always take a short trip to these locations and find great cultural attractions and big-city activities. In the strange case, you get tired of watching the Mediterranean Sea; you can go looking for some city adventures really close by.
What can you buy at La Sella?

The beautiful space created by La Sella has enough options to accommodate all tastes and needs. You can buy a first home or a second home. You can go for a fully equipped, big house with a yard and a pool or a small apartment. Choices are plenty but time is running out. More people are slowly finding out about Costa Blanca. This phenomenon is making property prices go up and the best will soon be taken.


Almost four decades after owners first dreamt of it, La Sella offers the last spots for a few lucky people. The more you delay your decision, the most likely you´ll end up with what´s left.

Follow your dreams, follow your passion, and live the best years of your life in paradise. Get to La Sella Golf Resort, buy a property, and let the magic around you do the rest.
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